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A Cleaner Solution for Filter Bags

Categories: operational efficiency

Huntsman manufacturing facilities are continuously looking for ways to improve our processes for greater efficiency and to reduce water and energy usage.

In 2020, the Textile Effects Mahachai plant in Thailand implemented a high-efficiency cyclone on one of its spray dryers to significantly improve production lead time, product recovery (which otherwise would have been lost to the atmosphere) and energy savings.

The previous process used a bag filter to separate and capture particles of dirty flue gas. The bag filter required wet cleaning with each product change, costing both energy and time while generating both wastewater and dye losses.

The new high-efficiency cyclone filter, installed in front of the bag filter, reduces the solid/dust carried over to the bag filter, decreasing the amount of bag cleaning required and increasing recovery of product previously lost in the process.

As a result of the change, the new process reduces water usage by 33% per year.

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