For over 50 years, Huntsman has been a pioneer in high-performance adhesive technologies. As a strategic partner to customers in many industries worldwide, Huntsman tailors its products and services to the ever-evolving market needs. With a robust portfolio of epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate and phenolic technologies, Huntsman adhesives provide superior joining and bonding solutions for plastics, metals, composite materials and many other substrates.

Aerospace and Defense

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
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Automation, Robotics and Engineering

  • Automation
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
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Automotive and Transportation

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Motorbikes and Scooters
  • Rail
  • Recreational Vehicles and Heavy Duty Trucks
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Building and Construction

  • Binders
  • Building and Construction Materials
  • Building Envelope
  • Infrastructure
  • Wind
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  • Coils
  • Communications
  • Display Solution
  • General Assembly
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
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  • Oilfield
  • Pipeline
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Solar
  • Wind
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  • Box Toes
  • Footwear
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Sports and Leisure

  • Active, Outdoor and Athleisure Wear
  • Footwear
  • Sports Equipment
  • Textile
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