Textile Effects

Huntsman Textile Effects brings innovations in textile dyes, chemicals and digital inks to iconic brands and retailers around the world. Our textile solutions provide color and enhance the aesthetic, durability and performance of finished textiles, including functionality such as wrinkle resistance and water and stain repellence.

We are at the forefront of developing sustainable textiles with advanced technology such as non-fluorinated durable water repellence, and eco-friendly digital printing. Our award-winning AVITERA® reactive dyeing technology meets global industry environmental standards and helps textile mills increase yield, improve productivity and reduce processing costs by significantly reducing water and energy consumption. We operate 13 synthesis and formulation production sites in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


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EBITDA for last 12 months (LTM) Q2 2022

As of June 30, 2022 • Source & Reconciliation: Second Quarter 2022 Earnings Presentation

Huntsman Provides Sustainable Solutions for the Textile Industry

Huntsman is revolutionizing the textile industry with products that reduce water consumption by 50 percent, while also cutting energy usage and carbon footprints in half. We also track the sustainability performance of a product as it moves through the entire textile value chain. This makes Huntsman a valuable partner for brands committed to a truly sustainable, transparent and traceable future.

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End-Use Solutions


Our range of quality dyes, chemicals and inks add color and state-of-the-art effects to your favorite everyday wear, formal wear and active and performance wear. We offer color and fabric solutions that deliver premium performance and meet environmental and ecological standards.

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Swimwear and Intimates

Consumers look for comfort, performance and style when shopping for the perfect swimwear or lingerie. They also want colors that stay vibrant over time. Our range of dyes, chemicals and digital inks provide comfort and attractive colors that withstand repeated exposure to chlorinated water or frequent laundering.

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Home and Institutional

Huntsman’s products bring exceptional quality, safety, comfort and durability to home and institutional textiles such as carpet, bedding and toweling. From a wide variety of attractive shades, to comfort, soft handle and high durability, our products and solutions enable your home textiles to withstand everyday stains and repeated laundering, retain its color brilliancy while providing assurance that your home textiles meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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Technical Fabrics

Technical Fabrics provide protection against the elements and hazardous environments. It also provides functional performance, durability, stain protection, freshness and comfort, including safety from sun exposure. As the leading provider of textile solutions, Huntsman delivers reliable quality and functionality through our comprehensive suite of high-performance products used in protective wear and textiles for the transportation segment.

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Protective Wear

Now more than ever, the medical community, frontline workers and individuals are in critical need of effective personal protective equipment (PPE) that keep them safe. Our comprehensive range of barrier effects solutions are developed to meet the stringent performance requirements of woven, non-woven and knitted medical applications, including facemasks and PPE.

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Products and Solutions


We provide dyes for all major fibers, including cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, silk and acrylic. We offer customized solutions that help our customers improve their productivity and reduce their water and energy consumption.

Our portfolio of dye brands include award-winning, sustainable AVITERA® SE dyes for T-shirts, formal shirts and towels, NOVACRON® dyes for casual wear and home textiles, LANASOL® dyes for wool and formal wear, TERASIL® W/WW dyes for sportswear, outerwear, home textiles and furnishings, ERIOFAST® dyes used in high-end intimate apparel and lingerie, TERATOP® dyes used across the automotive industry and NOVASOL® dyes used across military, protective wear and other technical textiles.

Textile Chemicals

Our textile chemicals cover process and effect chemicals for the entire wet processing of textiles, such as pretreatment, optical brightener, dyeing and printing processes and finishing effects such as UV-protection, flame retardancy, wrinkle resistance, water and oil repellency, moisture management and enhanced textile comfort.

The advanced, all-in-one ERIOPON® E3-SAVE next generation dyeing auxiliary is engineered to help the mills achieve considerable savings in water, energy and time in polyester dyeing.

Leading the transition to specialty non-fluorinated chemical solutions, PHOBOTEX® RSY non-fluorinated durable water repellent (DWR) raises the standard for repellency on high-performance synthetic textiles. UVITEX® is used for products that provide lasting whites in the apparel sector as well as for home textiles. PYROVATEX® is used for products that provide flame-retardancy to functional textiles like protective workwear and textile insulation material used in the automotive sector.

High IQ® Intelligent Effects

Deliver top-quality textiles that enhance performance, comfort and protection with High IQ® intelligent effects, a performance assurance program from Huntsman Textile Effects.  With products that deliver exceptional protection from the elements, reduced friction and exposure to the sun, these innovative effects help you improve productivity and competitiveness while meeting the textile industry’s strict health, safety and environmental standards.

Digital Inks

Our range of digital inks solutions cover a range of fiber blends and provides an unlimited array of colors and complex patterns through a sustainable process that substantially reduces water and energy consumption. Our portfolio of digital inks includes our next-generation digital inks solutions NOVACRON® ADVANCE and ERIOFAST® VISTA, designed for remarkable coloristic performance at reduced energy consumption, LANASET® and TERASIL® inks, primarily used for apparel and sportswear, and LYOSPERSE®, TERASIL® and NOVACRON® inks for apparel and home textiles. We also have digital ink solutions designed for the fast-growing segments of soft-signage and technical textiles.

Barrier Effect Solutions

Barrier Effect Solutions

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, medical supplies needed to combat the spread of the virus, such as surgical masks and protective suits, are short in supply around the world. Huntsman Textile Effects has a comprehensive range of Barrier Effects for both nonwoven and woven medical applications, including facemasks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), meeting the critical needs of the situation.

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